Howdy!  I'm David - founder and content creator for ORD to Anywhere!


I'm just a gay dude living in Chicago (airport code - ORD!) where I juggle my career, family, social life, and volleyball with my absolute passion for exploring the amazing world around us!

With over a decade of jetsetting under my belt, I decided to launch this website as a way to share the things that make me most passionate about travel - storytelling, the aviation industry, food culture, LGBT issues, and destination photography.  ORD to Anywhere is committed to sharing stories and photos of the people, places, and things that make traveling exciting, noteworthy, delicious, and most of all - possible!  

So if you're seeking inspiration, a destination, salivation, or even just a little less perspiration when it comes to planning a trip - you've come to the right place!  I hope to provide all of those things and more.  Please explore the site and find something that gives you that urge to jump on a plane, train, or automobile and see, taste, or feel something entirely brand new. 

Have any questions comments, or feedback?  Feel free to use the button below to email me or use the buttons to the right to connect with me through social media.

Happy travels, bon appetite, and may your flight always have an empty seat next to you!  



I write a blog (sometimes, I'm fully aware my posting timelines are laughable), but I'm also an avid blog reader!  I started this blog to put information out there for people (particularly the LGBTQ community) and definitely love to keep up with the information being provided by other bloggers.  Here's a few of my favorite blogs...

Concrete and Kitsch - A great resource for information on travel to off-the-beaten path destinations across the globe such as Suriname, Eritrea, and Paraguay.  Owner Nick is also in the LGBTQ family and loves dive into some of the quirkier sides of exploring a new destination.

ANJCI All Over - Anna is a London-based traveler who is slowly making her way across the globe to some of the world's least visited countries.  Iraq?  Sudan?  Afghanistan?  Yup, she's visited.  And as a solo female traveler to boot!  Anna gives great desciptions on her experiences, is very open about her emotional reactions to the places she's visited, and gives excellent instructional information on how you too can drop into some of these destinations.  

Once Upon A Saga - One man traveling to every country in the world without ever taking a single airplane all in one continuous unbroken journey?  Yup, Thor's doing it.  And he's about 75% of the way there!  He writes very stream of conciously and is more of a documentarian than a "how to" writer, but information on logistics are there if you dig deep, particularly for overland, train, and boat travel.

Offbeat Traveling - Bart advertises his site as documenting "fascinating travel adventures in difficult destinations."  It's right up my alley, and likely will be up yours as well!

Ramblin Randy - Like me, Randy is on a quest to visit every country in the world.  He's much further along his quest than I am (over 100 visited as of updating this page) so has a wealth of insight and knowledge that he shares on his site.  Similar to Thor at Once Upon A Saga, his style is much more narrative than informational, but there's a lot there if you look.

Jason Around the Globe - Another guy who set out to visit every country in the world, Jason actually achieved his goal in 2016.  You name the country, he's been there.  Like many of the above, his posts are more narrative than structured as a "how to" guide, but there's a ton of information and insight on his blog.  Despite reaching every country, Jason still blogs about his continued travels.


Country Count: 66/193

Next Trips:  Jamaica, Iraq, Sudan.

Hello! I'm David - world traveler, food aficionado, gay dude, and storyteller.  This is where I share amazing sights, delicious dishes, LGBT travel advice, & my favorite stories!


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