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PHOTO: Ponds & Pines in Ladysmith, Wisconsin

My day job is a bit of a blessing and a curse. Being a government employee provides me with amazing benefits that includes ample vacation leave that allows me to indulge my wanderlust and see so much of this amazing world. On the other hand, my job also requires me to make trips into the nether regions of the American Midwest that most likely will not be making an appearance on your latest “Best of” travel lists.

My travel philosophy has always been to make the best of things, so even when I end up in a tiny town off the beaten path, I do my best to find the beauty and fun within that community. Last week I was able to spend 5 days in the town of Ladysmith, Wisconsin while taking care of some business on behalf of America’s taxpayers.

Here’s a bit of a glimpse into the backwoods of northern Wisconsin….

This was the view across town as a co-worker and I walked along one of the main roads through town after dinner back to our hotel. A web of wires crisscross the sky as the sun sets low on the horizon.

There's always somewhere to find yourself lost with a beautiful view in town it would seem. The calm waters of this lake kept me company over a lunch break.

Railroad enthusiasts will be happy to see that a Soo Line Railroad EMD FP7 is on display near the town center.

Another lunch time view of a placid lake quietly reflecting the tree line in its natural smoothness.

Dusk arrives on the banks of a lake. Ducks seemed quite popular in the area with all the reeds and easy access to water. While there are many beautiful places to wander, you should also keep an eye out for duck turds. Don't want to ruin the view by slipping on any of it!


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Hello! I'm David - world traveler, food aficionado, gay dude, and storyteller.  This is where I share amazing sights, delicious dishes, LGBT travel advice, & my favorite stories!


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