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PHOTO: Winter In Berlin

As I hinted at in my recent review of my hotel in Berlin, the Best Western Spittelmarkt, I had a bit of an issue during my trip in Berlin. That story will be forthcoming in about two posts, but I need to mention it again because it unfortunately sidelined the majority of my trip to Berlin. I essentially had a single day of sightseeing, which means I have an extremely limited selection of photos from my time there.

Berlin was an interesting city from what I was able to see. It was a bit more industrial than I was thinking, but in retrospect with all the damage from the war it makes sense. Lots of rebuilding and much of the construction wasn’t very attractive. The city does have a gritty yet beautiful quality though. Industrial construction paired with a few historic buildings. I was there during the winter so most of the sights were snow covered. It was cold there but manageable. Here are a few pictures from my day out and about.

German efficiency is apparent on Pariser Platz as the snow is quickly relegated to a narrow corridor.

Berlin's iconic Brandenburg Gate stands regal and proud on a snowy winter afternoon.

The Quadriga tops the gate - a statue of the Roman goddess Victoria drawn on a chariot by four horses.

The Reichstag stands impressively just past Brandenburg Gate with flags a flutter.

Another view of the Reichstag while walking through its snow covered lawn.

The Soviet War Memorial was erected by the USSR and is dedicated to the 80,000 soldiers that lost their lives during the Battle of Berlin in 1945. The memorial is located in the Tiergarten.

Snow removal was not as efficient at the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Wandering the maze-like interior of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It's an excellent place to lose yourself for a bit and contemplate life.


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